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Shea Moisture Shave Butter, 6 Ounce

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Shea Moisture Shave Butter, 6 Ounce

  • Brand: Shea Moisture
  • African Black Soap Shave Butter Crème
Organically Heal Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps and Skin Discoloration What is It: Pure African Black Soap, unrefined organic African Shea Butter, healing oils of Coconut Black Seed, Juniper and Willow Bark Extract create this age old shaving preparation for fighting ingrown hairs and razor bumps with a vengeance. Our Story: Sofia Tucker started gathering Shea Nuts for sale at the village market in Bonthe Sierra Leone in 1912. By age 19 and for the rest of her years the widowed mother of four sold her Shea Butter, Black Soap and other homemade hair and skin preparations to villagers, missionaries and tourists all over the countryside. Sofia Tucker was our Grandmother and Shea Moisture is her legacy. Our Products are based on her original recipes and her years of teaching us to do it right. Tested on our family for four generations. Shea Moisture Shave products deliver a rich, luxuriously close shaving experience while naturally soothing ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and dork spots. Directions How To Use: Whether you are shaving your beard or your head, it can be lathered up with a Shaving Brush (recommended) or with fingers. Remember this Shave Butter is chock full of vegetables butters, botanical extracts and vitamins, not harsh soaps and synthetics so don't expect a lot of foam but expect a luxuriously close shave.

List Price: $ 6.38 Price: $ 6.38

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